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Say NO to Cyberbullying: Because it is NOT OKAY

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

We are being faced with many challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic and its various implications. Apart from the political, economic, and health implications, there is also growing focus on the psychological and mental impact of lockdown.

An international collaboration project has resulted in the translation of an awareness poster on the topic into nine different languages.

According to the World Economic Forum, consequences of quanrantine include the likelyhood to “develop a wide range of symptoms of psychological stress and disorder, including low mood, insomnia, stress, anxiety, anger, irritability, emotional exhaustion, depression and post-traumatic stress symptoms. Low mood and irritability specifically stand out as being very common”. This is supported by the World Health Organization’s writing on mental health and Covid-19, stating that due to the effect of the pandemic on people’s personal and professional lives, they may experience increased “levels of loneliness, depression, harmful alcohol and drug use, and self-harm or suicidal behaviour”.

This brings focus to the already existing problems of bullying and cyberbullying. Just because people are practicing social distancing, it does not mean cyberbullying has decreased. Indeed, people experiencing social isolation BEFORE Covid-19, may experience increased forms of isolation, exclusion, targeted bullying and social manipulation. We have to acknowledge that bullying does not only occur amongst the youth, but it is also prevalent amongst adults.

Any form of bullying is repulsive, and therefore it is important to say “NO” to bullies and being bullied, it is NOT OKAY. Knowledge is power, and knowing what to do when this occurs, is the best way to overcome it. If you, or someone you know, is being bullied or cyberbullied, please visit these resources and get the help you or they deserve:

  1. SaveTNet

  2. Ditch the Label

  3. Do Something

View the Amharic poster here:

የሳይበር ጉልቤነትን በቃ ይበሉ!
PDF • 191KB

View the English poster here:

Say NO to cyberbullying
PDF • 163KB

View the Hindi poster here:

Hindi Translation
PDF • 196KB

View the Igbo poster here: l ll

PDF • 143KB

View the Kakwa poster here:

• 138KB

View the Kiswahili poster here: ll Initiaive is brought to yu by theCIE in collaboration wh 3Con

P • 332KB

View the Luganda poster here: l ll I

• 163KB

View the Portuguese poster here:

PDF • 538KB

View the Punjabi poster here:

Punjabi Translation
PDF • 154KB

View the Romanian poster here:

• 142KB

View the Vietnamese poster here:

Cyberbullying in Vietnamese
PDF • 154KB

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