Since our inception, 3Consulting has been totally
focused on building a strategic, quality consulting practice.

Officially founded in 2017, 3Consulting is a dynamic firm which offers a range of services including information management, data analytics, business intelligence, strategic planning, corporate governance and project management.

We utilise an extensive network of professionals and experts with experience in academia, interaction with public sector, private sector, civil society, investigative reporting organisations and international organisations.


We offer a well-balanced and holistic approach and aim to combine our unique set of skills to offer energetic and insightful solutions to contemporary corporate and academic issues, informed by values of integrity, passion and transparency.

 Our Goal

To combine our unique set of skills to provide services of exceptional quality to small businesses and professionals, public sector, academia and civil society.


By bringing the right mix of people and businesses together, we aim to promote innovation through responsible and ethical business processes

and social engagement.

Our Values

Our vision is to be a consulting company offering insightful and innovative solutions to to our clients, with courage, integrity, passion and a continued sense of stewardship.

Meet The Team


Rachel Fischer

Co-founder | Researcher & Ethicist

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Erin Klazar

Co-founder | MD & Analyst

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Benson Lechaba

Co-founder | Analyst & Creative Lead

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